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Back In Hospital – Again

on August 22, 2012

We had a rubbish final few days of Annie’s intensification. She woke up in the early hours of Thursday complaining that her chest hurt where her line was in (she had it in at home so that it was ready for the days when the community nurse had to give her chemo through it). By morning she said that it didn’t hurt any more and as she is very anxious about her wiggly anyway we waited until the nurse came to investigate further. When Helen came, although there was no visible problem she couldn’t get anything in through it or any blood out through it and Annie was quite clearly in pain when she tried to do anything. Off we went to Newcastle with Mam. We had a trauma there as the nurse who dealt with us insisted on trying to force saline solution in through it despite Annie’s screams and the liquid went into her chest tissue and was swelling it up. This was after they had already had the information from the community nurse as to what the problem was, and seemed unnecessary to put Annie through another nightmare with her wiggly. The needle of the line had come out of the portacath and was floating about digging into Annie’s chest. The problem was easily resolved by removing it and putting a new one in and I wish they had just done that in the first place.

By the time we arrived back home that night Annie’s temperature had shot up and after an hour of monitoring her Rob was on his way to RVI. It was after midnight by the time he arrived and Annie had to stay in for three nights for antibiotics, a blood transfusion and platelet transfusion. Rob stayed the first night with her and I stayed for the next two. Annie should have been discharged by early afternoon but the platelets that were requested first thing in the morning didn’t arrive until 4p.m. so we had a frustrating day of waiting around.

We’ve been left feeling quite frustrated by recent experiences at hospital as things just seem to go wrong all the time. The whole time Annie was in to have her line replaced she never got checked over or so much as her temperature taken even though I had told them it was higher than usual and we really felt they couldn’t wait to get rid of us as it was coming up to time for the day unit to close. During our stay on several occasions I had to ask for doses of Annie’s medicines as afternoon doses still hadn’t been given to us by tea time or some medicines weren’t brought at all. The huge delay in the platelets arriving wasn’t chased up until I spoke to staff a couple of hours after the time they said she would have had them by. Having to literally get back into the car and drive back to Newcastle as soon as we get home is just horrendous and we feel like some of the staff don’t appreciate the distance that we have to travel.

Complaining seems very ungrateful as generally the level of care really is excellent and the staff are great. I think that this few weeks of treatment has really knocked all of us and we are well and truly exhausted and so anything going wrong seems like a disaster!

So…to be more positive….

That’s the intensification bit over with!!! Three cheers!!

A week off anything nasty now and then on to maintenance which will be Annie’s treatment pattern until week 112. The end.


6 responses to “Back In Hospital – Again

  1. Joe and charlie says:

    Hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray!
    Love joe and Charlie xx

  2. Helen Cammack says:

    A horrid time got over – fingers crossed for a bit of time to have some fun!

    Thanks for still keeping us all informed.

    Love to all of you

    Helen & Harvey xxx

  3. Mick and Holly says:

    Glad to hear your all okay and lots of hip hip hoorays from across the gravel…x

  4. Sarah Michell says:

    It’s been a couple of weeks since you wrote this (we’ve had no internet). Three cheers from us too and hope everything’s a lot easier for you now. Thinking of you. XX

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