Annie May Update

This page is to keep friends and family updated on the progress of Annie May.

Santa Claus is comin’ to town!




We’re still in one piece!

I haven’t been able to update because of ongoing problems with computer where we have to restore settings every day in order to access internet – if anyone knows what little box I should have ticked to sort this our please let me know! Very frustrating.

We had a bit of a tricky month last month as Annie barely slept when she was on steroids , to the extent of not getting to sleep til 6.15a.m.  and being hyper off steroids during the day so just not catching up on sleep, leaving her, and us, tired and throwing temper tantrums left right and centre. Unfortunately Rob was away working a couple of night s at the time so I just got really tired with it all and feel like I’ve been battling to perk up ever since and have had non-stop headaches.

We’re all still very tired but the good news is that since she went back on to steroids following Vincristine chemo on Thursday she has had a much easier time of it. A big relief as we have been dreading it.

We went down to look at the Christmas windows at Fenwicks while we were in Newcastle last week. Annie loved it. They were really lovely with mechanical Santa and Elves. We went into the store to look at the toy department. Santa was over in his grotto in there but Annie froze when she caught sight of him and refused to go in! We are off on a full Robinson family trip on the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway to see Santa tomorrow. Hopefully she’ll feel a bit braver surrounded by her cousins. We’re hoping the roads will be okay for it. It’s been icy around here today.

As anyone local might have seen in the Herald,  Annie was presented with a cheque for £300 at an Irish Music evening at Shap Wells last month. Money had been raised for four local children with leukaemia by John & Ida Wilson and family from Gt Strickland. Their granddaughter, Cerys, has just completed her treatment. We are going to pay for Annie to start ballet lessons after Christmas. Annie is constantly coming up with ballet poses and moves all round the house. It’s wonderful beyond words that we are sending her off to these classes. It would have been unimaginable just a few months ago.

Nursery is still going well and I still feel really pleased at how much better she is when I see her enjoying going so much. They certainly pack a lot into the morning there and she chatters away for ages after she comes home about all the goings on.

We’re looking forward to Christmas, however unorganised we are. (Thank goodness for online shopping). Hopefully tomorrows outing will get us in the Christmas spirit!