Annie May Update

This page is to keep friends and family updated on the progress of Annie May.

Forget your diet for a good cause!

Just a bit of advance notice that we are planning to have a PUDDING AFTERNOON in Morland Village Hall on Sunday 24th March. (This is the week before Easter so please don’t give up puddings for Lent!!) We are raising money for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research and it is also to mark us having got through our first year of Annie’s treatment. All offers of puddings or raffle prizes gratefully received but most of all we’d just love to see you there enjoying lots of delicious puddings!


Christmas and New Year

Some of the very few photos that we managed to take.

xmas 12 jan 13 022

Annie & Beth aboard Laal Ratty

xmas 12 jan 13 010

Sprinkling reindeer food outside on Christmas Eve (neighbours, you got some too, hope Santa found you?) Special hat made at nursery.

xmas 12 jan 13 036

About 5.30a.m. Christmas Day

xmas 12 jan 13 037

Two Annies in the snow last week



Annie finally started ballet lessons last week and we got her outfit yesterday. She LOVES it!

xmas 12 jan 13 064


Happy New Year!

Finally getting round to updating this.

Unfortunately, Christmas wasn’t great as Annie’s cold which she had in the weeks running up to Christmas turned out to be ‘flu and she wasn’t very well at all over Christmas ending up in RVI overnight in the early hours of last Sunday morning with a high temperature. We were sent home the next day as they knew that the cause was ‘flu following results of swabs taken from up her nose the previous week.

We did some lovely things in the run-up to Christmas including the Robinson family trip on Laal Ratty (Ravenglass Railway) to see Santa. It was a perfect frosty day, Santa was brilliant and the kids loved it as he climbed into the carriage and travelled along singing Christmas songs with us all. Annie is very wary of Santa and clung on to me when she had to go up to receive her present. No cute photos of Annie with Santa as it was a stressful moment!

The sitting room floor was a sea of pink things on Christmas morning. Annie tore into one thing after an other and apart from her Barbies I still don’t think she really knows what she got as at the time she just couldn’t be bothered to play with her toys.

The good news is that she has really perked up today and so hopefully we’ll get to start enjoying her things in the coming days. She had Vincristine and went back onto steroids yesterday. Hoping that sleeping won’t be such an issue this time round.

We finally got to spend some time outside today as Annie is feeling better and it’s not so cold. We drove up to Ullswater and went for a walk up Aira Force. Annie managed to walk down to the waterfall through the woods and all the way down to the car park at the bottom which was really good going as she hasn’t had much strength in her legs recently. She loved all the Herdwick sheep up there and I think she’s persuaded Rob to get her one (or more) next time there are any at the auction.

Rob has gone down with the ‘flu now and has been feeling awful the past few days. Most of the family seem to have had some illness or other over the past couple of weeks. Fingers crossed I’ll escape it!

Not exactly off to a flying start for the new year but it can only get better and I’m hopeful it will.