Annie May Update

This page is to keep friends and family updated on the progress of Annie May.

New Date!

Now we know when it will be we have time to make it even bigger and better than it would have been before! Hope you can make it.

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Why we cancelled!

snowdrifts 2013 015

The road from our house to Newby

snowdrifts 2013 034

Somewhere under here is the road from A6 to Newby!


Pudding Day Cancelled

Really sorry to say that we are having to cancel pudding day. The two roads to Newby from the A6 are blocked with snowdrifts. Very frustrating as so many roads around us, including in Morland are clear. Hoping to rearrange soon. Very disappointed.

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Fabulous Prizes!!

Many local businesses have been incredibly generous and donated some brilliant prizes for the raffle at Pudding Day, including

Afternoon Tea for Two at Inn On The Lake, Glenridding


One Hour Acupressure Massage with Jules Burrell, Brunswick Square.


One Month Membership at Elite Fitness, Penrith (includes sauna, steam room and hot tub too if you prefer to relax!)


Cut and Blow Dry at Pamela’s Hair Design, Penrith


£30 voucher to dine at Peter Sidwell’s Cafe, Rheged


And many, many others! Tickets available at Pudding Day.


In Training

We’re in training for Annie May’s Pudding Day and the Butchers Arms, Crosby Ravensworth is a brilliant place to practice eating puddings til you can’t move! Buy raffle tickets on Pudding Day and you could win a two course Sunday lunch for two there to find out for yourself….


Summer Fruits Meringue WITH Eton Mess!!



One Year On……

Half way there now. This first year of treatment has gone by in a blur and I don’t have much idea what’s gone on around us for most of it! It feels really good to have twelve months of treatment behind us. Annie has been really well this week which is so great when we think about the dreadful times that we have had over the past year. Annie even managed to keep going for the whole of her ballet lesson and for the whole of P.E. at nursery this week – a first for both. I have taken photos of Annie every spring since she was born in the snowdrops at  Raisbeck. I can’t bear to look at the photos from last year as Annie looks so awfully pale as they were taken about a week before she was diagnosed. It makes me so angry to see how white she looked and to think that the doctors sent me away when I took her to see them because I was worried sick about it. So…here are some photos of Annie in the snowdrops at Raisbeck 2013, with rosy cheeks and her lovely wavy hair!!

snowdrops2013 007



Back in the R.V.I.

Sure enough Annie’s temperature got above 38 and we ended up coming in Wednesday evening. Such a pity as we were having a lovely afternoon on her bike and playing cafes in Annie’s den outside! Wednesday night was very sleepless as Annie’s temperature kept creeping back up, she had to have oxygen and we had a go wandering down for a chest xray in the middle of the night. We didn’t get to sleep til 5a.m. Chest xray showed a bit of an infection on her right side. She has been coughing and had a runny nose for more than a month now. Rob came in and stayed last night so that I could go home and recover. We’ve swapped back this afternoon.  Annie has been on antibiotics through her line since we came in and we should be going home later on tomorrow. She has perked up quite a bit today and cough is noticeably better. A shame not to have been outside at home in the lovely spring weather.