Annie May Update

This page is to keep friends and family updated on the progress of Annie May.

….part 3

We have just had a lovely week in a caravan in Northumberland thanks to a Children’s Cancer charity who own the caravan on a site there. It fell during the week that Annie was on steroids so the first few days were a bit tricky but Annie was happy playing on the beautiful beach that was a short walk down the road. We managed to get out on the beach every day and had mostly good weather. Annie and Rob even dipped in the sea very briefly! Had good trips out to Warkworth Castle, Alnwick Garden and a fab day on the very pretty beach at Alnmouth. Unfortunately have all come home tired out as we just failed miserably to get a half decent nights sleep in the caravan. As with most caravan parks, ours had ‘the club house’, which, much to our amazement Annie LOVED! She was up dancing by herself every night and by Wednesday she was called up on stage and presented with the best dancer certificate! We were joined for the night by my cousin Karon, Sean and the boys. It was fun to have them to visit. We were really pleased to see Annie making friends with other children on the beach and in the caravan park. Her treatment has made her cling to us quite a bit and not tend to socialise so easily with other children. A big relief to see her being more sociable and confident when starting school is getting so near.
Excuse grainy photos – trying to get to grips with a different camera!

Always time to look at books - even when being a princess in a real castle!

Always time to look at books – even when being a princess in a real castle!

northumberland august 2013 065

Alnwick Garden

Alnwick Garden

northumberland august 2013 138



northumberland august 2013 189

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…part 2

As it was my 40th at the end of July we got tickets for all of us to go to Kendal Calling festival which is held over three days in Lowther Park just a few miles from where we live. Annie came with us in the day and then family and friends looked after her at night so that we could stay until late. We had a great time and Annie is a born festival-goer! She loved dancing to the bands, was fearless on the ferris wheel and loved all the festival novelties like face-painting, feathers in her hair and temporary tatoos (it cost us a fortune).
She particularly loved Riot Jazz Brass Band and their CD has been on constantly in our car ever since…and we all now know what a sousamaphone is!

kendal calling 001

kendal calling 030

kendal calling 007

On the ferris wheel

On the ferris wheel

kendal calling 027

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Finally got round to updating…(part one)

The past three months have just flown by. June and the beginning of July was a testing time for us as Annie was generally tantrum-prone which made the days long, tiring and hard work. We were reassured by various people at hospital, including child psychologist, that as well as being a bit of general toddler behaviour most of it is caused by the medication and Annie not having any control over what happens to her. It will stop when the treatment is over (9 months to go). Annie has developed all manner of habits where she has a complete breakdown if she doesn’t do things her way which can range from having her socks pulled right up at all times to having to take all her clothes off to sit in the car and have her seat belt in a certain position. Sounds funny unless you are the one dealing with a half hour screaming fit because her sock has a slight wrinkle in it when you are trying to rush out of the house to an appointment. It has been awful. Things seem to have improved a bit over the past month or so and tantrums are less frequent and probably more steroid related now.
Annie has now finished school and is looking forward to starting at Morland primary in a few weeks time. She has me playing schools with her most days now and I have to be Mrs Bousfield, her teacher. We got her school bus pass in the post a couple of weeks ago. I can hardly imagine waving her off on the bus! She really enjoyed nursery sports day and even though her little legs haven’t got much power she had a really good go at everything.

june 2013 circus n sports 035

It was Annie’s 4th birthday in July. Rather than have a party as we weren’t sure how her behaviour would be we went to Chester for the night and spent the following day at the zoo. We all had a really lovely time and the zoo was just fabulous. Annie was on her best behaviour.

annie's 4th birthday 065

annie's 4th birthday 036

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