Annie May Update

This page is to keep friends and family updated on the progress of Annie May.

New beginnings

First Day At School

First Day At School

First day at school

Tired out in the Ellwood house right now. Annie’s monthly dose of steroids has been increased due to her increase in weight and height. Although she is exhausted all the time the steroids are keeping her awake and she has hardly known what to do with herself. Not great when she is recovering from our trip to Disneyland Paris and has started school all in the same week.
Despite tiredness, school is going well and she comes home saying “I had a great time”. Such a relief to hear. I’m sure most parents are the same when their child starts school but I just worry from the moment she goes ’til when she gets back. Friday and Monday especially so as I knew the steroids were making her feel rubbish. Annie’s teacher suggested I should bring her home (gladly, because I was so worried) when I went to give her her medicine yesterday because she just hadn’t been joining in at all. After another bad night lastnight I decided to keep her at home today. Steroids now finished for this month. Back to school tomorrow.
Annie started back at ballet on Saturday and, for the first time ever, danced for the whole lesson without needing a rest.
Swimming lessons without me in the pool with her started tonight. She did so well. Even jumped into a hoop in the pool on her own and then swam under it.
Very, very proud of her.