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Happy New Year!

on January 15, 2014

Here we are in 2014 at last…and counting down the weeks and keeping our fingers well and truly crossed that we will get to that finish date in May without any problems.
Thank you to everyone again for being so supportive through another difficult and tiring year of treatment.
The year has got off to a very exciting start with the arrival of my sister Anna’s beautiful little girl, Fern, on 12th January. Annie has not met her yet and has gone from screaming with excitement that the baby is a girl to being upset that she’s not the baby in the family any more!
Christmas was lovely this year as Annie managed to stay well right through. Many members of the rest of both mine and Rob’s families were ill over Christmas so we mostly had a quiet time by ourselves. Santa brought the Sleeping Beauty dress and shoes and nature books that she asked for in her letter along with a mountain of other goodies and some great gifts from family and friends.
On 2nd Jan the three of us went up to Edinburgh to see The Lion King. It was fantastic! Really quite an experience and a lovely way to finish the Christmas holiday.
Annie missed most of her first week back at school as she had chemo on the Monday and had a difficult, sleepless week on steroids after it. Back to (sort of) normal this week and this morning her class have been at Shap school trying cheer leading and taekwondo. We’re bracing ourselves for a stunning display of her new skills when she comes home!? Annie was given her Stage One certificate at swimming last night and is feeling justifiably proud of herself.
As we approach the end of treatment we have some celebratory fundraising events in mind for this summer…watch this space…


One response to “Happy New Year!

  1. Sarah Michell says:

    Hi Donna, Great to hear all the news. I shared this with Mum when I was staying with them last week. Both of us were curious – do you start school at 4 over there? Poppy has another year to go, although she is at preschool two days a week this year.
    Fern is a lovely name! Hope Anna and the baby are doing well.
    Lots of love and fingers crossed for a smooth run to May,
    Sarah & co.

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