Annie May Update

This page is to keep friends and family updated on the progress of Annie May.

Annie’s Army

Inspired by Annie’s teacher Mrs Bousfield signing up to do the Great North Run we now have Mrs Anderton, the Head Teacher of Morland School and Rob (yes, Annie’s Dad Rob!) and hopefully his friend Mat signed up to do it! All doing it to raise money for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research. Very exciting. JustGiving and other sponsorship details to follow….

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Winnie The Witch

Winnie The Witch

World Book Day at last!

Winnie about to fly off to school

Winnie about to fly off to school


Almost there…

Now that week 100 of treatment has been and gone it feels like we’re free wheeling towards the end of treatment. Just over 2 months to go and we’re all feeling like the end of treatment can’t come soon enough. Annie has had a cold that she can’t seem to fight off since New Year but is not particularly unwell with it.

We had to move out of the house for the best part of 5 weeks at the start of January after we discovered that the waste pipe in the kitchen had been leaking for what must have been quite a while resulting in the whole kitchen being pulled out and Rob doing a major makeover in there to the extent of revealing previously covered up beams and a huge sandstone fireplace. All brilliant but dirty and dusty work which made the house unfit for Annie to be in. We’re now back home and just waiting for plumber and electrician at the end of the week to make our lovely new kitchen usable.

Lambing is in full swing on the farm. Annie is having to keep away from anything to do with it as she could become very poorly if she has contact with sheep.She loves the lambs and will be one busy little girl feeding them pet lambs this time next year! Nanna will certainly be glad of the help. 

Annie is making good progress at school, especially with her reading and can’t get through her school reading books quick enough. It’s world book day on Thursday and Annie is counting down “how many more sleeps ’til book day?” She is dressing up as Winnie The Witch for it and Nan has been busy sewing coloured ribbons on Annie’s witch’s hat for her outfit. She has started to have some singing lessons along with her ballet – her own idea!! She can put on quite a performance for us now! 


When Annie met Fern


Annie’s teacher, Mrs Bousfield, told us last week that Annie has inspired her to do The Great North Run later in the year to raise money for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research. We feel so moved that she has chosen to do it for that charity. I could hardly think about setting off on a jog never mind do the Great North Run! She is going to be setting up a JustGiving page and I’ll put a link on here nearer the time. We’ll certainly be heading over to cheer her on on the day. 

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