Annie May Update

This page is to keep friends and family updated on the progress of Annie May.

Here we are…

on May 13, 2014

End of treatment at long last.
Annie’s treatment ended last Thursday. Her bone marrow sample taken that day came back completely clear so all chemotherapy treatment has finished. We will still have to go to Newcastle once a month for the next year for blood test and to see the consultant and after that we will have to go less and less often. The highest risk of relapse is in the next two years so all we can do is hope that this course of treatment has done the trick. Sometimes we wonder how on earth we have got through this and how Annie has been such a strong, brave and incredibly cheerful little girl despite feeling rubbish a lot of the time. We feel very, very proud of her.
The staff and children at Morland school have been a great support throughout treatment for Annie. She had a fantastic end of treatment celebration at school on Friday with Janet Allen face painting all the children in her class as Quirgles. In the afternoon school had a special assembly that Rob and I went along to. Annie was presented with a special award for bravery that we had taken along as well as being given a lovely heart locket from the teachers engraved with ‘Brave Little Lady’. Class 1 had made Annie a special book with lots of drawings of her favourite characters from ‘Frozen’. The school sang ‘Touch the Sky’ from the Disney film ‘Brave’. It’s one of Annie’s favourite songs at the moment so it seemed fitting that I put a few photos from the past 2 years to that music as a way of summing all this up.
Thank you for reading the blog. It has meant a lot that you have been reading and thinking about us.


6 responses to “Here we are…

  1. Frank & Ralph says:

    Hi Annie,

    Great news you must all be relieved to get to this point.

    Hope to see you soon (Pirates Day?).

    Love from all in Guiseley.

  2. Lynn Dobinson (Class 3 teacher) says:

    Wow, you have some strength. Good luck Annie in all you do and all you achieve. Always look to the future, it’s shining bright for you x

    • Annie May says:

      Thanks Mrs Dobinson and thank you for your support. Having heard the children singing in assembly and seen how much they enjoy it, we understand why Annie was so desperate to be in the choir! What a fabulous job you do with the singing in school. Looking forward to future performances by the Tot’s choir.

  3. Lisa Bousfield says:

    What a fantastic video! You are all amazing! Annie, we are all so proud of you in Class 1. You are an incredible little girl. Our celebration at school was brilliant and will always be a day to remember. Touch the sky is on my running playlist for my Great North Run training, I definitely run faster when the song comes on! Can’t wait to be part of the Annie’s Army team. We have lots to look forward to in our last half term of your first year at school…’s to a great future x

  4. Ann & Tim says:

    Yeah, well done. Lovely video and really uplifting choice of music. Thanks for sharing your story with us. Here’s to great times ahead.

    Love Ann and Tim

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